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Our herbal-formulated scalp paste is a Chinese and Ayurvedic made treatment paste. It is formed from hours of being cooked and brewed – so your scalp can easily absorb it and be treated with the best herbs for your scalp problems

A herbal paste that is natural and meant to help you solve your scalp problems by using premium herbs
handpicked from the Himalayan mountains. With this treatment, you can combat hair loss and grey hair with ease.

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The World Only Chinese & Ayurvedic Formulation

Why Use One Herbs Only When You Can Have Two Herbs

The Benefits

Why use one only one herb for treatment when you can easily have one with a blend of two herbs? Using Two Herbs treatment gives your scalp a higher chance of quick recovery -- this is because the chinese and ayurvedic herbs used on your scalp increase the chances of getting your scalp issue solve faster

Our Finest Product

How The Herbal Powder Is Made

Green Tea Leaves

Herbal Leaves

The leaves that will become our herbal powder, months of cultivation is needed, only the finest leaves are hand picked out and used for our treatment .

Green Tea Leaves

Hand Picked Harvest

The leaf is first hand-grounded by a skilled in-house artisan; after which the grinding process is conducted in an enclosed area to prevent contamination.

Green Tea Leaves

Refining: Meat of the leaves

  Immediately after grinding the leaves, they are placed under the sun and kept for days to kill every germs and bacteria that may be in the blended leave. The dry leave produce are packaged in air-tight bags, and then delivered to Singapore  for further processing.

our finest product

Two Herb's Signature Treatment Paste

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9 Key Benefits You Get In Just 1 Treatment

  • Reduce Hair Fall
  • Remove Dead Skin Cells
  • Simulate Hair Growth
  • Scalp Cleansing
  • Colour Grey Hair Naturally
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Regulate Excess Oil
  • Soothe Itchiness
  • Strengthen Hair
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Ayurvedic Herbs

The Medicinal Properties Of Ayurvedic

Ayurvedic is about 5000 years old. They are leaves with medicinal properties, that has proven to help
Indians with various hair problems. In the global market, you will find a lot of shampoo and hair oils that
contain Ayurvedic herbs which goes to show that it is a trusted herb for solving scalp and hair-related
problems like hair loss and promoting hair growth

Shampoo with herbs like shikakai, amla, bringraj is common in India and popular with the people there. After
experimenting with different Chinese and Indian herbs, we came up with the successful formula for
scalp treatment. And for the past seven years, customer results and testimonials have proven the
success of the formula.

Our Promise

Free Of Chemical

Two Herbs herbal treatment is free of chemical and tested by  Singapore HSA to be free of heavy metals.

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Trichologist Tested

The Only Herbal Treatment Tested By Trichologist.

Refresh The Scalp Again With
Just 1 Treatment

“Hair, Simply & Natural”

Get your hands on this scalp treatment product that is made from a blend of 9 herbal organic herbs ingredient

Created with the intent of giving you back a healthy scalp, we ensured that it is produce without any chemical additive – so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

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People Love Us

Hear It Yourself

I am 35 this year and my grey hair is starting to appear, i have been coloring at salon but is just make my hair more dry and cause me to have sensitive scalp after all these years of dying hair using chemical. I have been trying two herbs and the treatment not only cover my grey hair naturally using chinese herbs without causing my hair to be dry, it even solve my sensitive scalp issue!


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I've been trying Two herbs for the past few months. I was trying to solve my hair loss issue and heard that some treatment actually cause you to be more oily. So i did some research trying to find a treatment that can help my hair loss and found Two herbs. I used to have hair loss but this treatment has solve the issue.


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I have tried many hair care centre that promised so much and failed but two herbs treatment work for me. I am thrilled to be able to control my hairfall and seen hair growth.I am finally found a product that work .Thank you from the bottom of my heart


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I have been known by friends to be suffering from oily scalp and even talk about doing DIY treatment at home to cure it . Yet it wasn't until I started doing treatment at Two Herbs that my oily scalp was really controlled and not just for a day but several days. Incredibly I have lost lesser hair in just 2 months since doing Two Herbs treatment,  it works for me as a weekly treatment. Definitely a must try.


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