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Home Herbal Grey Hair Paste | Cover Grey Hair Naturally

Greying Hair | Best Grey Hair Treatment - TwoHerbsSB
Greying Hair | Best Grey Hair Treatment - TwoHerbsSB
Greying Hair | Best Grey Hair Treatment - TwoHerbsSB
Greying Hair | Best Grey Hair Treatment - TwoHerbsSB
Greying Hair | Best Grey Hair Treatment - TwoHerbsSB
Greying Hair | Best Grey Hair Treatment - TwoHerbsSB

Lesser grey hair after doing the treatment

John Ng

Better then coloring

Jenny Lim

"Less HairFall!'

Cindy Tan


The 3 Step Process To Give You A Healthy Scalp

1. Applying the ginger wine on the scalp. This opens the pores and prepares it for treatment.

2. The herbal paste (a cooked blend of Alma, Ginseng, Bringraj, He Shou Wu herbs) is applied on the scalp.

3. The treatment leaves the hair cleaned and strengthened, promoting the healthy growth of hair.

3 Step Process To Bring Effectiveness To Your Scalp


We carefully select Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs with specific health properties for your hair. The Amla strengthens hair roots. Neem is an antiseptic herb. Korea red Ginseng boost blood circulation around the applied area. Old ginger cleanses the scalp. Bringraj majors on boosting your hair growth. He Shou Wu covers the grey hair. Ginseng increases the scalp's nutrient. Brami is an anti-oxidant.

The herbs are brewed for two hours. This is to ensure that the water used in cooking the herbal scalp treatment is soaked with the nutrients from the herb. The brewing process also softens the herbs, so that during cooking, the nutrients can be easily extracted from the herbs.

The cooking process has two stages. The first is to cook the herb under slow fire cooking it for two hours, this is to make sure that the nutrients from the herbs are properly gotten out of the herbs. The last one hour done with high heat is what makes all the difference; it is what leads to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Natural & Organic


The Natural Way
To Cover Your Grey Hair

How The Herbal Paste Cover
The Grey Hair During The Treatment

Benefit Of
He Shou Wu
Herbal Treatment
*Hair Growth*

Hair Growth can be seen on customers that are suffering from hair loss and greying hair, customers who do regular herbal treatment begin to see significant improvement in their hair growth. You are guaranteed a significant improvement in your hair growth like our customers.

After the treatment, the grey hair turns copper-red. The change in color is a result of the various herbs used in treating the grey hair. It is mainly because of the He Shou Wu herb that grey hair turned into copper-red. During the 30 mins, the grey hair absorbs the He Shou Wu herb. This method allows you to cover your grey hair naturally without having to use chemicals.

Colorless Treatment

We understand that customers may not like the red copper colour that comes when treating greying hair. So we have come up with other variations of the same treatment.

Customer that do not like the COPPER colour on the grey hair can opt for the Colorless Treatment, we are able to use other herbs like black beans, black sesame, black tea and black pepper to neutralise the copper colour to keep the grey hair remain the same after the treatment.

5Main Benefit Of Using Herbal Treatment To Cover Your Grey Hair

Customer who use this treatment notice that the growth of grey hair slows down. This is because there are no chemicals in the treatment to stimulate the scalp instead the herbs helps to slower the growth of grey hair.

 Unlike chemicals treatments that are harsh on the scalp, this herbal treatment is natural and gentle on the scalp. It is a treatment that leaves your scalp fresh.

Customers have seen the reduction of grey hair and more black hair after doing herbal treatment as overtime
the scalp absorb the nutrients of the Chinese herbs and in turn promote black hair growth.

Customers who stop chemical colouring and start using herbal treatment will notice that their hair won't be dry compared to when it's treated with colored chemicals.

 People who do chemical coloring notice that they begin to have sensitive scalp, hair loss and itchy scalp. Using herbal treatment, which is natural, will prevent scalp problem from happening, which is common due to prolonged use of the chemical on the scalp.

Our finest product



 Our company only selects the MOST premium herbs to be used in our formulation. Our herbs are all wild plants, and they are handpicked from the Himalayan hills.

This unique preparation method differentiates us from the market.
Herbs are slowly and carefully brewed for two hours to allow thorough extraction of essence and  nutrients.

The treatment paste is then immediately packed to ensure freshness and avoid contamination of bacteria and germ.

Why choose us?


19 years of experience in herbal treatment industry
Certified Trichologist.

8 years in Singapore Physical shop presence in singapore.  Outlets in Malaysia, China, India and Taiwan.

You can drop by our physical shop at woodlands  for a scalp analysis free of charge


Free Of Chemical

Two Herbs herbal treatment is free of chemical and tested by HSA to be free of heavy metals.

Trichologist Tested 

The only herbal treatment formulated by trichologist.

Tested By Thousand 

With more then 10,000 customer tested and proven.

our finest product

TWO HERB'S Herbal Paste

Herbs We Use That Solve Your Scalp Issue

Two Herbs Contain The 9 Herbs Clinically  
Tested To Solve Scalp Issue:

Korean Red Ginseng | Boost Blood Circulation

Korean Red Ginseng has the effect of boosting blood circulation to the hair follicles, encouraging hair growth on the area of the scalp where the treatment is applied.

Neem | Antiseptic Effects

Neem herb comes with a naturally regenerative property that helps to stimulate hair follicle growth, and it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that stop redness and scalp irritation.

Amla | Strengthen Hair Roots

Amla is often used to combat dandruff, scalp irritation and hair loss. Amla has the function of strengthening the hair roots, thereby preventing hair loss problems.

He Shou Wu | Cover Grey Hair Naturally

He Shou Wu herb is used for treating grey hair problems naturally. It does this by utilising its natural coloring effect on the hair. It also prevents hair loss and reverses premature greying of hair.

Bringraj | Boost Hair Growth

Bhringraj means, “King of Hair." The herb won itself this reputation after many years of helping hair growth and stopping hair loss problems. It also prevents the premature greying of hair.

Old Ginger | Cleanse The Scalp

Old Ginger has the natural ability to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Naturally, improved blood flow stimulates the hair follicles and help hair growth. Ginger Wine is applied before treatment to enable the pores to open up, removing the dirt, oil and impurities that are in the scalp before the treatment.

Brami | Antioxidant Properties

Brahmi contains anti-oxidant nutrients which allow for healthy hair roots and encourage hair growth.

Ginseng | Increase Scalp Nutrients

Being a nutrition herb, it has the effect of boosting the overall blood circulation and providing nutrient for the scalp being treated. It also strengthens the follicles and roots of the hair. The ginsenoside in ginseng is the nourishing element that the roots of the hair benefit from.

Dang Gui | Stop Hair Loss

Dang Gui contain phytoestrogens that reverse genetic hair loss and inhibit the formation of DHT, a major cause of hair loss. Dang Gui is very effective in reducing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth.

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Hear It Yourself

Solving Your Grey Hair
Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Always wanted to do herbal treatment at the comfort of my home and at a affordable rate, after doing coloring for many years and facing hair loss problem, i decided to give it a try. After doing the treatments, i notice lesser hair fall and the grey hair was covered and became copper red, after a few wash the copper turn out darker and was more natural.


Visiting salon for the past few years to cover my grey hair on a monthly basic has been a regular thing for me but recently i noticed more hair loss and started to look for alternative, upon friend recommendation i found two herbs and decided to give it a try, the grey hair turn copper red after doing and it look like highlight after the treatment, a must try for grey hair sufferers


Have been doing herbal treatment for years instead of using chemical to cover my grey hair. Going to the shop and wait always have been the least favorite part of the treatment. Saw the ads online and decided to buy and try, now i can finally do it at the ease of my convenience and cut away all the waiting time The scalp feel very refreshing after doing the treatment and all the grey hair is covered perfectly