Clinically Proven For Hair Loss & Reduce Hair Fall
For A Healthier Scalp

The Shampoo That Really Works To Stop Hair Fall & Control Oily Scalp

Hair Fall Control Shampoo - TwoHerbsSB
Hair Fall Control Shampoo - TwoHerbsSB
Hair Fall Control Shampoo - TwoHerbsSB
Hair Fall Control Shampoo | Best Hair Fall Reduction - TwoHerbsSB

Hair Fall Control Shampoo | Best Hair Fall Reduction

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Shampoo that does not contain harmful SLS, Sulphate and Paraben
15 Extract To Stop Your Hair Loss Problem

Specially formulated to control an oily scalp and reduce hair from falling out .

Main Benefits:

Stop Hair Loss

Control Oil Secretion

Cleanse Scalp

Stop Itch

Strengthen Hair Roots

Promote Hair Growth

Who should Use

Are Your Experiencing These? 


Those with hair loss problem

Those whose scalp quickly become oily and due to sebum production

Thin, weak & limp hair

Those whose scalp stuffy and not clean

Those who want a natural lightweight formula

Oily Scalp Problem

Sensitive Scalp

But Here's The Good News...

All These Problems Are Related To The Shampoo You Use

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Researchers found a link between the topical application of DEA and cancer in animals.


  Parabens are harmful and have been linked to increased growth of breast cancer cells.


Sulfate creates a lathering foam , but when left on the scalp it compromise follicles and has other toxic effects on the human body.


Dimethicone is a type of silicone. It can clog the pores on the scalp and cause skin irritation.


Most product are dyed with a synthetic color to make them look nice. These colors come with harmful health effects.

Shampoo Thickener

 PEG is a thickening agent derived from petroleum and contains dangerous dioxin that have a direct link to cancer, 

How To Prevent Hair Loss and Oily Scalp?

You Need "The Right Shampoo"

Two Herbs Hair Loss Defence Shampoo is manufacured under the strictest quality to ensure the best ingredient is use on your scalp

Natural Ingredient

Organic Ingredient is used in our shampoo extract.

15 Extract

Contains more then 10 extracts, each chosen carefully and tested specifically for solving your hair problems

No Harmful chemical

· No Paraben
· No Sulphate
· No Thickener
· No Silicon
· No Color

Herbs We Use That Solve Your Hair Loss Issue

Two Herbs Hair Shampoo Contains Effective Ingredients Clinically Tested To
Relieve Hair Loss Symptoms &
Healthy Hair Roots:

Chamomilla Extract

Detox scalp

Arnica Montana Extract

Improve blood flow 

Sage Leaf Extract

 Strengthen the roots 

Nasturtium Officinale (Watercress) Leaf Extract

Prolong hair growth phase

Arctium Majus (Burdock) Root Extract

 Improve hair strength.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Improve blood supply

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

Stimulates  hair growth 

Tropaeolum Majus Flower Extract

Boost blood circulation

Lemon Peel Extract

 Cleanse the scalp

Pine Extract

 Alleviate inflamed scalp

The only shampoo that have 7 minerals
to solve your scalp problems


Contains essential amino acids and small peptides which work to strengthen the scalp.

 Vitamin B-3

 Growing long and strong hair due to its circulation boosting properties.

Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein

Nourish hair follicles.


Cleanse the scalp.


Moisturises, calms, repairs and revitalises scalp.

 Propylene Glycol

Helps the scalp and hair absorb and retain moisture.

Vitamin B6 Extract Pyridoxine HCL

Increasing hair body, suppleness, sheen. 

Hair-Friendly Shampoo Produced
With The Highest Quality & Safety In Mind

6 Amazing Benefit Of Two Herbs Shampoo

Containing 13 Extract Ingredient Each RESEARCH and PROVEN To Solve The Hair Loss You Are Facing

Reduce Oil On The Scalp

Helps remove built-up oils on the scalp.

Promote Hair Growth

Cleanses the scalp by removing excess oils and dirt to promote new hair growth . 

Stop Itch

An itchy scalp is caused by clogged and dirty pores, our shampoo cleanses to prevent itchy scalp problems

Cleaner Scalp

A cleaner scalp allows hair to grow out stronger and healthier .

Strengthen Hair Roots

Shampoo helps cleansing of the hair follicles assisting in their strengthening

Stop Hair Loss

Cleansing of the scalp prevents suffocation of hair follicles from dirt and oils.

Hair Loss Doesn't have To Be Difficult...

Hear how other customer ease scalp problems with Two Herbs shampoo

I've used the shampoo for one month and my oily scalp have diminished greatly. My hair loss become better and Iis getting lesser.


customer image

Been battling hair loss since my menopause and this is the only shampoo that I found that worked. I have used 1 bottle so far and have seen significant result.


customer image

I noticed my hair loss has stopped, I've noticed more baby hair growth at the front as well. The ingredients are what made me try two herbs shampoo. The scalp is less oily as well and are a great bonus.


customer image

 I strongly believe that the reason two herbs shampoowork for me is because of the extract it used compare to other shampoo on the market, there is 10 more extract used in their shampoo compare to the one out there.


customer image

Why Our Shampoo Works!

Two Herbs Shampoo

  • Has been tested and proven effective by more then one thousand customers
  • Contain 15 extract to solve your hair loss problem
  • Formulated by trichologist, to solve your hair loss problem
  • No sulphate,paraben,silicone or other harmful chemicals
  • Control an oily scalp and reduce hair loss

Off the shelf shampoo

Founder image
  • Off the shelf shampoos are mass produced in factories
  • Contain 3-5 extracts 
  • Formulated in factories
  • Rely on cheap and harmful chemicals to clean your hair
  •  Likely to contain harsher detergents and chemicals which could be irritants for sensitive scalps

The Solution

Shampoo AND Treatment

For years, scientific research and studies have shown that dirty and clogged pores on the scalp cause hair loss, but shampoo alone is not enough

Our shampoo is meant for daily use for cleansing the scalp and leaving hair soft and smelling great. For deep cleaning and improved results tackling hair
loss, our Herbal Treatment is recommended as a power punch. 

Product image

1.Two Herbs Herbal Treatment will clean the scalp 

2.Allow easy nutrient absorption into follicles through cleaned pores 

3. Daily shampooing keeps hair strong and healthy

4. Shampoo+Treatment
= New Hair Growth and Reduced Hair Fall

Real, Verified Results: See What People Are Saying About Why They Love Two Herbs Shampoo

People Love Us

Hear It Yourself

I have oily scalp and this makes a huge difference in my daily life. So much better when the oily scalp is not bothering with my daily routine


I'm almost finished using my shampoo and I've definitely noticed a reduce in my hair loss. I feel like my scalp is less oily as compare to last time


Less hair loss, reduction in oily scalp, i have tried many shampoo and only this shampoo really works and help to reduce my hair fall drastically


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