The Hair Tonic That Really Work To Control Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

Hair Fall Rescue Tonic - TwoHerbsSB
Hair Fall Rescue Tonic - TwoHerbsSB
Hair Fall Rescue Tonic - TwoHerbsSB
Hair Fall Rescue Tonic | Best Hair Growth Booster - TwoHerbsSB

The Answer to HAIR GROWTH:
Two Herbs Hair Tonic

RM95.00 MYR

Tonic formulated to stop hair loss and help hair growth
Containing 13 Extract Ingredient Each RESEARCH and PROVEN To Solve The Hair Loss You Are Facing

Main Benefits:

Stop Hair Loss

Control Grey Hair

Strengthen Hair Roots

Promote Black Hair Growth

Control Oil Secretion

Cleanse Scalp

Stop Itch

Protect From UV

Give Nutrients to the Scalp


Boost Blood Circulation

Definately seen lesser hairfall after using for one month


Scalp is less oily and itchy compare to last time


Can see more baby hair growth after the 2nd bottle!


How Hair Tonic Works

Hair Tonics are effective in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss by delivering the must-have nutrients directly to the follicle and skin of the scalp,  aids strengthening of hair and preventing hair loss.

Hair tonic works essentially by stimulating blood circulation in the hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Massaging hair tonic into your scalp on a daily basis has been proven to prevent balding and support thicker and long hair growth.

The Culprit Of Hair Loss:

Lack of Nutrients

Studies shown that skin on the scalp ages  
12 times faster than skin on your body  6 times faster than skin on your face.

As your scalp ages, it does not generate enough nutrients as before causing hair to drop.
Daily use of Tonic will deliver the  nutrients for preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth.

Herbs We Use That Solve Your Scalp Issue

Two Herbs Hair Tonic Contains Effective Ingredients Clinically Tested To
Relieve Hair Loss Symptoms &
Healthy Hair Growth:

Swertia Japonica

Stimulate hair follicles

Arnica Montana Flower Extract

Rejuvenate scalp

Sage Leaf Extract

Strengthen the roots 

Nasturtium Officinale (Watercress) Leaf Extract

 Prolong hair growth phase

Arctium Majus (Burdock) Root Extract

 Improve hair strength

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Improve blood supply

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

Stimulate hair growth 

Tropaeolum Majus Flower Extract

Boost blood circulation

Lemon Peel Extract

 Cleanse the scalp 

Ivy Leaf Extract

Stimulates the cells 

The "King of Japan Ingredient"  
Swertia Japonica
 that have all the highest blood circulation.

Harvest in the sunny slopes and hills of Japan.
Swertia Japonica is consider  one of the three major folk medicines in japan.

STJ TM Technology

A specialized technology to combine swertia japonica  extract from Whole Swertia Japonic (root,stem,leaf,fruit)harvested in Septemberwhen its active ingredients reach their peak.

Comparision on effect of Blood Circulation on the scalp 

No 1 Blood Circulation Plant

Swertia Japonica Whole Plant








Leaf, root and stem combine have over seven times higher key ingredients providing nourishment to the scalp and hair then the flowers itself (smallest part of the plant)

Cultivation start in june to reap its maximum benefits

Contract signed with local farmers to ensure it is grown without any pesticide

Only the best plant is selected, duing the process more then 50% is disposed to ensure best quality

Swertia Japonica Extract

Swertia Japonica Extract also known in japan as "The King Of Herbs In Hair Loss" for is well know properties to promote hair growth and aid increased blood flow to the surface of the scalp.

Hair-Friendly Tonic Produced
With The Highest Quality & Safety In Mind

11 Amazing Benefit Of Two Herbs Hair Tonic

Containing 13 Extract Ingredient Each RESEARCH and PROVEN To Solve The Hair Loss You Are Facing

Control Oil On The Scalp

Removes the excess oils that build up on the scalp.

Promote Hair Growth

Helps to promote new hair growth by nourishing the  hair follicle. 

Stop Itch

Contains alcohol proven to effectively stop common itch problems .

Cleaner Scalp

Contains alcohol that melts oil sebum 

Protect Scalp From UV

Provides the scalp with a layer of UV Ray protection from damaging solar rays .

Strengthen Hair Roots

Helps to strengthen the hair by nourishing the scalp .

Control Grey Hair

Contains Arnica Montana, proven to help control and prevention of grey hair

Tighten The Scalp Skin

Tonic helps to tighten the skin on the scalp preventing hair loss.

Antiseptic Properties

Contains alcohol to eliminate any bacterial infection

Boost Blood Circulation

Helps to boost blood circulation aiding more hair growth.

Stop Hair Loss

Tonic will help strengthen existing hair giving the scalp the nutrients it need

Who Need Two Herbs Hair Tonic 

Common Hair Problem Working Population
In Their 30s to 40s Tend To Experience

Those with hair loss problem

Those whose scalp quickly become oily and due to sebum production

Those whose scalp stuffy and not clean

Those who want to see hair growth

Thin, weak & limp hair

Oily Scalp Problem

Sensitive Scalp

Dandruff Problem

Hair Loss Doesn't have To Be Difficult...

Hear how other customer ease scalp problems with Two Herbs Hair Tonic

I have been using the tonic daily, they are easy to use and i have noticed reduced hair loss.


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Been battling hair loss since my menopause and this is the only tonic that I found that worked. I only apply once a day and have seen significant result.


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I noticed my hair loss has stopped, I've noticed more baby hair growth at the front as well. The ingredients are what made me try two herbs tonic. The scalp is less oily as well and are a great bonus.


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I didn't know what to expect, but I saw on Facebook it answered the problems I am having which is hair loss and after using, I noticed that it also help hair growth. I normally dont use tonic but this has been great for me.


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Why Your Tonic is
"Not Working"

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We hear stories of people trying hair tonic without results, they usually give up after using just one bottle.

Our Product is formulated by trichologist and combine with our herbal treatment, countless customers have experience great results in hair growth and reduced hair loss

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False Claim

Lots of tonic available in the market promise you result but don't deliver, so most people stop using tonic after a while.

Tonic can only be effective when apply on a clean scalp, trying to nourish a clogged scalp is just as bad, if not worse then not applying tonic at all as the dirt prevent the scalp from absorbing the tonic.

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Inregular Usuage

The more you apply the better it is, recommended to apply everyday after you wash your hair, but usually the usage reduced over time.

Frequent application is the best way to ensure nutrient absorption, we recommended applying once per day, as this allows the fastest results.

The Solution

Tonic AND Treatment

For years, scientist’s research and studies have shown that having a dirty and clogged pores in the scalp when applying hair tonic has been the main reason
that tonic has not been effective.

This makes perfect sense as clogged, dirty pores will not be able to absorb tonic into the follicles, causing its application to be ineffective.

1. Two Herbs Herbal Treatment will cleanse the scalp

2.Nutrients are easily absorbed into follicles after pores are properly cleansed 

3.Daily tonic application strengthen existing hair and aids new hair growth

4. Tonic + Treatment = New Hair Growth and Reduced Hair Loss

Real, Verified Results: See What People Are Saying About Why They Love Two Herbs Hair Tonic

Still Deciding?

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