8 Tips From Trichologist To Break Your Shampoo cycle

A great hair starts in the shower. However, most people actually do not know how to make shower work in their hair’s favor. This is the reason why they either struggle with hard-to-manage mane or suffer from scalp condition that affects their tresses.


To help you with that, the hair experts have revealed hair-saving tips to enjoy healthier strands. Follow this step-by-step guide and never be lost in the shampoo cycle again!


1. Start Small

Just like New Year’s resolutions, it never works to overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals. So when it comes to breaking bad habits or changing unhealthy hair habit, take baby steps. If your shampoo every day, cut that down to every other day for a couple of weeks and every other two days the following weeks. You’ll find that it’s not as hard or impossible as you first thought.


2. Know What To Expect

When you make changes in your habits, expect that you’ll go through an adjustment period. If you’re one of those who wash their hair every single day, you hair will look and feel oilier than usual once you start changing it to every other day. But you’ll notice that your locks feels softer and looks shinier. So don’t freak out and return back to your old habits just yet.  


3. Shower Everyday

Yes, not shampooing every day is great for your hair but you should still shower daily. You just have to cover your hair with a shower cap.   However, if you just can’t wake up without the scalp-scrubbing, you can still go through the motions just use conditioner instead of shampoo. This way you’re still cleaning your scalp and tresses but in a much less hair-drying way.


4. Experiment With Style

On days that you’re skipping hair washing, why not have fun with hair styles? A little dirt helps hold hairstyles so your bun will look slinkier, your blow-dried hair have more volume, and there aren’t any loose hair around your face when you’re gunning for the sleek ponytail-look which usually happen with washed hair.


5. Find The Right Products

Dry shampoo can be heaven sent when used the right way. To keep your locks from looking greasy, spray dry shampoo all over. Just remember not to be too dependent on this product because it may lead to product build up in the end. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to avoid that from happening.  


6. Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat

If you’re afraid your hair will look and smell gross after your gym session and you don’t shampoo your hair afterwards, don’t be. Tie it in a ponytail and wear a headband to keep you mane from sticking all over the place when you work out. Plus you can still cleanse your hair using shampoo alternatives if you really must wash after exercising.


7. Be Patient

Good results can be achieved in one go. If you shampoo every day since you can remember, don’t assume that your hair will be noticeably healthy in just after a week of going every other day of washing.  It will take some time but if you find something that works for you, like products and best shampoo intervals, and stick to it, you’ll eventually see a generally healthy looking hair.


8. Don’t Swear Off Shampoo Forever

Even if you’re convinced at this point to skip the shampoo next time you’re in the shower, quitting shampoo for good may be too extreme. Besides, there’s something relaxing about lathering up, right? So how about you just look for a better product that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients for your hair and scalp like SLS and parabens? But if it seems like even with these hair care adjustments you’re still having issues with your strands or your scalp, it may be time to try hair and scalp treatment? Two Herbs offer different treatments and services that can cater to different conditions whether it’s dandruff, oily scalp, or even hair loss. Try it and experience relief and results immediately!

We have been conditioned that we need to wash our hair every day to keep it clean, and while shampoo is great for eliminating dirt and buildup, it can also remove the natural oils needed to keep our hair breakage-free, healthy, and conditioned (read: the keys to moisture and shine).


Little did we know that it was actually less washed hair that can make all the difference! That and a little help from hair treatment professionals like Two Herbs  can turn your bad hair days to great  ones from now on!