9 Issue That Your Hair Is Causing Acne Breakout

Yes, your hair could be the culprit behind your acne breakouts. Crazy, right? Just when you thought you’re already using all the right products for your face and being diligent about not touching it because you’re trying to prevent breakouts, turns out your hair is sabotaging your efforts! Learn about how your hair is doing this and prevent it from causing problems again.  


1.  Wearing Bangs

Oil and skin do not make for the best combination. Even if you do not have oily hair, your scalp still produces oil which is distributed through your strands. So if you wear bangs, you probably notice that your forehead never seems to clear up. Try pinning them back whenever you have the chance to give your forehead a break.


2.  Using 2-In-1 Shampoo

This type of hair product is usually so heavy; it can sometimes sit on the hair and can be transferred to your skin, which clogs pores. This is especially true if you’re the type who always wears your hair down, so your hair touches your face often.


3.  Getting Hair Products On Your Skin

It can be not rinsing your hair thoroughly which is why some of your shampoo or your conditioner are still left sitting on your scalp and transferred on your face or over-applying styling products like mousse or hairspray to carelessly so half of the product end up landing on your face. Not only that this cause pimple but it can also lead to hair and scalp problems. So aside from trying to keep hair products off your skin and washing your face if they do come in contact, try a hair and scalp treatment at Two Herbs because they can help you address hair and scalp issues accordingly. You’ll need them in case you end up suffering from hair problems like hair loss, premature greying, eczema, psoriasis, and more that can all lead to thinning hair because of this habit.


4.  Shampooing At The Wrong Time

When you sleep, there’s no controlling where your hair will go, so it’s best that you shower at night so that your locks are clean before you sleep on it. If you do this, you’re less likely to wake up and be greeted by a pimple.


5.  Leaving Your Hair Down When Your Sleep

Keeping your hair clean definitely, helps prevent acne but washing your hair every day can dry out your strands. So, for those days that you’re not washing your hair, don’t forget to pull it back and out of your face while you sleep.


6.  Showering In The Wrong Order

Does your face always adorn with acne as well as your body? That’s probably because you wash your hair last. This means, your shampoo and conditioner leave some residue on your face and body. That can irritate your skin and lead to acne breakouts. To prevent this, you should wash your hair before you wash the rest of your body. This makes sure that the skin is clean after the hair products are rinsed from it.


7.  Not Showering After A Workout

Exercising is generally good for your body, but not for your skin when you let sweat and dirt linger long after your workout. You should still at least be rinsing your hair after working out avoid sweat from clogging pores, especially when it sitting around your hairline from a good workout.


8.  Using Too Much Heat

The constant heat from blow-drying your hair can dry out your scalp and lead to acne just like leaving it too oil will. Instead, you try using a diffuser to aim the heat on the hair and not your forehead.


9.  Wearing Hats

For the record, wearing hats, especially wide-brimmed hats helps protect your face from directly hitting your face which can help prevent damage from UV rays. However, if it’s too tight, it can also clog your pores and make acne worse. If you want to wear a hat, make sure that you’re washing the accessory regularly.


If you’re struggling with your hair problem or scalp condition, Try Two Herbs Hair Loss Treatment, an effective way to restore that and boost hair growth!