Affordable Hair & Oily Scalp Treatment In Malaysia

An oily scalp can be annoying to anyone, especially if it starts to get itchy. When left untreated, an oily scalp can lead to further hair problems such as dandruff and scalp acne. This can affect your daily lifestyle and leave you with an itchy, greasy hair situation. If you have started looking oily scalp treatment in Malaysia and its price, that can only mean one thing: That it is beginning to concern you. 



Essential for keeping the hair moisturized and smooth, sebum is a natural oil secreted by our sebaceous glands. When too little is produced, your hair will feel dry and brittle. On the other hand, when there is excess sebum, you will be struggling to manage your oily hair, which may even smell unpleasant at times.


There are many causes to an oily scalp, some of which are out of your control. This includes high humidity and pollution. If you live or work in highly polluted areas, you are at a higher risk of being exposed to smoke and dust. And when you are continually exposed to these damaging factors, they may contribute to the oil production on your scalp.


Apart from that, your daily habits also have an impact on your scalp’s oil production and when you don’t change them, it will be an endless oily process for you. Here are some things you might be doing every day without realizing it is contributing to the excess oil. You are:


  • Washing your hair regularly. Did you know that the more you wash your hair, the more oil your scalp produces? You may be doing this to remove the oily feeling but when you wash your hair, your scalp is actually stripped of its natural oils, which in turn produces more to replace the oil lost. With that being said, the type of shampoo you are using can also impact the oil levels of your hair. You can consider products specifically meant to help you deal with the oil.


Fun fact: Hot water actually stimulates the sebaceous glands. On the other hand, cold water closes your hair cuticles, reducing damage to your hair. So besides cutting down on how frequent you are washing your hair, the next time you do, start with cold water first.


  • Drying your hair too often. Using the hair dryer or other heat styling tools can further stimulate oil production. To combat this, you can keep the heat to a minimum or consider letting your hair dry naturally whenever you have the time.

Tips for Healthy Hair Growth


  • Overbrushing your hair. Repeatedly touching or combing your hair distributes the oil throughout your hair strands, stimulating oil production. Especially if this is an unconscious habit of yours, your oily hair and scalp problem will be unavoidable if this habit is the reason for your greasy roots.


  • Dealing with a lot of stress. Stress produces a hormone known as cortisol and the rise of cortisol levels can cause your sebaceous glands to release more sebum. Imagine how greasy your hair can get if you don’t take a breather from all the things that are giving you pressure. Beyond oily hair, oily skin and acne problems are also a result of high cortisol levels.


  • Consuming too much greasy food. As delicious and tasty they are, the oil from these foods will eventually transfer to your hair. In replacement, eat more vitamin B rich foods instead that can help in moderating your sebum production, particularly food containing B2 and B6 vitamins. This includes beans, fish, meat and poultry.



Once it becomes a permanent problem, as mentioned above, it can cause hair loss. If you scratch your scalp due to the itch, the broken skin on the scalp can leave it exposed to bacteria or fungus. Your hair follicles may get damaged from constant scratching. Inevitably, your oily scalp may lead to hair loss. The cycle is ongoing, but you can break it. But if you notice that changing your habits made no improvement to your oily tresses, it can be beneficial to start regular scalp treatments before the problem gets worse.


Even if you have your own scalp hair routine, it can be more effective when you leave it to the professionals. When the scalp is being massaged, gentle pressure is applied to stimulate the nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels in a circular motion. This can make you feel relaxed, more so knowing that your scalp is getting the care it needs.



You can now pay only Rm80 nett per treatment to try our Volcanic Mud Treatment, the treatment effectively cleanse the scalp and remove all the oil purities on your scalp. Through a Comprehensive Scalp Analysis, you will better understand the state your scalp is in and how badly the clogged pores is causing Hair Loss. .


With our Oily Scalp Treatment using volcanic mud, rest assured your oily scalp will be solved in just one sessions and leaving our door with a clean scalp knowing your greasy situation is under control