Health Issue That Could Avoided Hair Loss If You Were Paying Attention

Oftentimes, people assume they’re just having a bad hair day, literally. You tried a new hair product that your hair doesn’t like, or the series of hair experimentation are starting to take toll on your tresses. But before you easily dismiss your hair’s behavior, you might wanna investigate further because it could be a sign that something is wrong with your body.


Your mane is smarter than you think. Here’s what your hair can reveal about everything from what you eat to whether you use birth control.


Your Diet If Full Of Junk

Do you feel like your hair has a turtle’s pace when it comes to hair growth? Or does it seems like it’s getting thinner or always looks dull despite all these amazing products that you put on your mane? Well, that could be because your body isn’t getting enough nutrients which of course limits the nutrients it can distribute to your tresses too. Don’t live off on junk foods alone, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and see how life slowly comes back to your hair.


Your Perfectionism Is Going Overboard

Did you know that those who have a habit of pulling at their hair, brows, or even lashes are often those with perfectionist personalities? When they get frustrated or disappointed at themselves, they turn to hair pulling to deal with the stress of their own high standards. Guess what, this particular behavior is actually known as trichotillomania which is a form of compulsive disorder. If you identify with this, it’s best to seek a professional for accurate diagnosis and learn better ways to de-stress.


You’re Prone To Dental Issues

Hair and teeth both need keratin to be stronger. If your hair pulls out easily or you’re always struggling with hair fall, that could mean you lack keratin in your body which makes your teeth more prone to bacteria and decay too. Make sure you don’t just put extra effort on your hair care but extend that to your dental care as well.


Your Body Is In A Lot Of Stress

People who are always stressed out tend to shed more hair than usual. Whether it’s physiological or physical stress due to everyday work or sudden intense events like childbirth or an illness you should find a way to reduce stress first and you’ll see your hair going back to normal. But if it still doesn’t, you can always try Two Herbs Treatment which don’t just help you relax but improves your blood circulation on your scalp too which is essential for providing hair roots with nourishment and boost hair growth.  


You’re Adjusting To New Birth Control

If you’ve recently switched to different birth control pills, you might have notice that your locks became drier, finer and less shiny because pills usually cause hair thinning. Although some women only experience this for a while during adjustment period, others who have strong predisposition to genetic hair loss may have to deal with it permanently. So it would be better to ask your doctor for non-hormonal form of birth control to prevent hair loss.


Your Eyes Are More Susceptible To Damage

People with blonde hair and blue eyes produce less of the protective pigment melanin. Therefore they’re not just more prone to skin cancer, unlike people with darker skin and hair; they could also be susceptible to macular degeneration that leads to vision loss. If you’re blonde with blue eyes, then be more cautious when you’re out in the sun. Slather on some sunscreen and wear protection from UV rays like wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. If you want to be more careful, avoid going out when the sun is at its peak which is from 10am-2pm.


You May Have Problems With Your Thyroid

If you have naturally thick hair but you start noticing that it suddenly becoming thin, your thyroid gland may be the culprit. Those who suffer from hypothyroidism have trouble producing adequate hormones for their body which can affect hair growth. But if you’re experiencing excessive shedding and thinning on the scalp, another possible cause is PCOS which is a condition where hormonal imbalance is also present. Seek your doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.


If you’re struggling with your hair loss problem or scalp condition, Try Two Herbs Hair Loss Treatment , an effective way to restore that and boost hair growth!