How To Fix Hair Texture




I know you have great hair, perfect for styling anytime and any pattern you like. But only if you care, you can have all the hairy fun. Do you know people have different hair types and textures? Which means each category requires special attention. Often people complaining about their dryer, frizzier, breakable hair have no knowledge of their hair type and especially their hair texture. 


Improper care leads to damaged hair texture, giving an awful-looking hair. Now people start asking how to fix hair texture when the damage is done. That’s why I’m here to address this important topic and will finally put an end to the question. So let’s get started.





Different hair types


Before we begin discussing the hair texture in detail and discuss how to fix hair texture, you’ll first need to understand what’s your hair type? If you don’t know about it, you’ll never be sure about its treatment and you’ll always be at the mercy of a hairstylist. So let’s dig out how many types of hair are there and what are their key features.


Straight hair


Great you have straight hair but remember they are the most fragile because they only contain two hair layers, cortex, and cuticle. And what’s the worst part is that they get oily and shiny way too easily. So you’ll need to take care as it’ll surely destroy your grooming appearance.


Naturally wavy


If your hair has not-so-much curls and appears to be S-shaped waves that mean your hair is naturally wavy. But it’s also important to know that they’re not strong enough to any tension or the harsh environment because they’re fine and frizzier. This means you’ll have a hard time styling those curls.




Ever noticed your hair’s wet when you’re just out of the shower and later came back to curls? That’s because you surely have curly hairs. Now that’s good news as you can hairstyle to your heart’s content.


Very curly


The curliest, kinky hair you can have. Being coarse in texture, they are very sensitive and prone to easy damage.





















What is hair texture?



Now that you know what hair type you could have, it’s time to know hair texture for care in the right direction. Think of the hair texture as the visual quality of its surface. While looking at hair, whatever you see is the hair texture. 


This hair texture is the hair’s circumference and it’s what you’re born with. There are three layers in the hair follicle, cortex, cuticle, and medulla, which define your hair texture. Now the hair texture is further divided into three categories; fine, medium, and coarse.


Fine hair


These are your silky and delicate hair that you love the most. But do you know they don’t hold up to much volume on the scalp? It’s because they lack protein which causes fineness in hair.


Medium hair


Normally people around you have this type of hair. You’ll feel them silky when they’re straight and that’s why you can style them the way you want but don’t ever apply heating tools for it as they can damage easily with it.


Thick hair


They’re strong ones because they have all three hair layers, cortex, cuticle, and medulla. The empty spaces in hair filled with protein and air are what make them stronger than other textures. They take much time to dry but the good news is they are very resistant to heating and chemical treatments.


Reasons to hair texture damage



You were born with the genetics that decides your hair follicle. But growing hair depends on many factors. There’s the main chemical present in your hair called keratin. It’s made up of amino acids which decide about the hair bonds. If you’ve thicker hairs, they’re less likely to bond together. So what causes to damage the hair texture? If you know the reason, you know the best way to protect your hair. So let’s see some of the reasons:


Androgenic alopecia


It’s basically patterned hair loss. And this loss occurs to the hair follicle being overexposed to androgen (male hormone). Later, you’ll notice a gradual decrement in length and thickness which leads to overall volume reduction.

Heat styling

You’d probably wonder why but though heat styling is a faster and easiest way to give your hair a look, it’s also dangerous in parallel because its excessive usage forms dryer and fragile hair. Researches tell us heating applies tension and heat to your hair strand which causes a harsh impact. That’s why you’d have blisters and bubbles on the hair shaft and eventually, in thicker hairs, they break. The best practice is to do heating between 380-400 for a coarser while 350-380 for finer hair and always use hair primer for heating.


The solution- How to fix hair texture



Enough of the crap, it’s time to answer your problem, how to fix hair texture? And the answer is by taking the “right supplement”. The conclusions from the scientific researches helped greatly to formulate some of the best supplements that fight against hair texture damage by providing nutrients with prominent proven results.


But so many companies out there, promising to bring back your shiny, manageable hair so which ones to choose? I think you and I will both agree to buy not only a problem-solving supplement but the one that’s also modestly priced. 


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Fixing the hair problem from the core is why this Singaporean company is known for. Through research, they found that to grow hair on the scalp, the cells need biological activation. Many brands failed to do so as their supplement never enters the body due to its larger molecular size compared to skin molecules. To fix this problem, the company gives you “Rapid Abzorb”. It’s a berry mixed beverage that easily absorbs into the skin, activates the scalp cells, and retains longer in the body. Besides these benefits, it’s a great DHT blocker, a hormone mainly responsible for hair loss and damaging hair texture.


Whether you have hair loss, frizzier hair, or hair growth problem, “Hairtamin” and ‘‘Rapid Abzorb” are all you need. Made from nature’s perfect gift, these supplements will penetrate deeply to the hair scalp, provide the right nutrients and grow healthier hair in a natural way.