How To Know If You Should Cut Your Long Hair And Save Your Hair Loss

The hair cycle is real. You know that cycle where a girl decides to chop off her hair short, regrets it right away, grows her hair again, gets bored with the long hair and decided to get a haircut, again. Yes, the struggle is real.


Although this can be fun sometimes, and surprise you when going for hairstyles you don’t normally wear and find it looks good on you, most of the times you will regret this rash decisions.


To avoid regretting these spur-of-the-moment-desires to chop off your locks (and possibly blaming your hairstylist for not stopping you! 😉 ) here are some things to consider before getting a major haircut.


Are You Okay?

No really? Is everything okay in your life? Women tend to wanna cut their hair after a major change in their life because the act of cutting their tresses helps gives a fresh start. Notice how you want a cut after a breakup because you feel it helps you leave the past behind and move on? While other get it when they want to jump start something like a career change.


If you’re the type who turn to her hair when her life’s a little crazy, maybe it’s best that you wait until things are neutral. After that, if you still want to chop your hair, and then, by all means, do so. At least you know you’re not doing it out of wanting a dramatic change.


Can You Take It Slow?

If you have a waist-long hair and want a bob cut all of a sudden, how about you go for a long bob first to see if you actually like it or not? This way you get an idea of how you look and feel with a shorter do without going too short. This will help you kind of mentally and emotionally prepare for a totally different hairstyle than you normally wear so that you still have room to change your mind and stop or go all the way if you happen to love it.


Are You Prepared For High Maintenance?

If you think than short hair is equivalent to low maintenance hair, think again! With short hair you can’t get away with not styling if you want to look put-together. Unlike with longer hair where you can just throw it in a sleek ponytail or ballerina bun and you’d be good to go.  The only low maintenance you may have with short hair is with shampooing and drying.


Did you answer yes to all of those questions? If yes then time to visit your hair stylist! If you had trouble saying yes to those, maybe you should put it off for now and focus on improving your hair’s condition instead of getting a cut or new hairstyle. When it comes to that, Two Herbs offers hair treatments that cater to different hair types which use modernized Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs formulation to provide potent nutrition and energy to our hair. Once your locks are in a healthier state, you might realize that you still enjoy your long locks and what you needed wasn’t a cut but some TLC for hair that isn’t just good for your tresses but makes you feel good too!


If you’re struggling with your hair loss problem or scalp condition, TryTwo Herbs Hair Loss Treatment, an effective way to restore that and boost hair growth!