Top 7 Scalp Tips To Grow Your Hair Back Naturally

Having a great hair relies heavily on the condition of your scalp. If you have scalp problems, there’s a huge chance that your hair is problematic too. This is because your hair is basically planted on your scalp, your hair is only feeding off what your scalp can provide.


Instead of spending a fortune on styling products, you’d be better off investing on scalp care because healthy scalp means healthy hair. This is why they say no amount of makeup can cover up a bad skin. Therefore, don’t waste your time covering up the problem, focus on solving it instead.


1. Brush Your Hair Everyday

Not brushing your hair makes you look like a haggard mother of three! Aside from that, you’re also depriving your hair and scalp of the benefits of those bristles. Using a natural bristle brush help remove dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation which promotes hair growth and distributes excess oil on your scalp down to the mid-shaft to moisturize the ends.


2. Opt For A Gentle Shampoo When You Wash Your Hair Every 2-3 Days

Daily washing leave you scalp and hair dry because it strips the natural oils in your scalp. To cleanse your hair without drying it out, you might wanna do it every other day or every other two days. And then use a gentle shampoo that is free of harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate.


3. Apply Conditioner On Your Scalp Too

Okay, this depends on what type of hair you have. Let’s say you shampoo 3 times a week, for those who are prone to greasy hair, just condition your scalp once. But if you have dry scalp it is okay to condition your scalp every time you wash your hair because this helps bring back the moisture that it lost. 

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4. Treat Your Scalp With Essential Oils 2 To 3 Nights A Week

Essential oils contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help fight dandruff; they also moisturize dry hair and scalp, as well as stimulate circulation on your scalp which promotes hair growth. Just massage a few drops on your scalp for 2-3 minutes and wash it the next morning.


5. Use Clarifying Shampoo Monthly

Your regular shampoo can only do so much, but if you want to clear your scalp from product build up you need to use a clarifying shampoo monthly. This prevents accumulation of hair products in your scalp which can lead to irritation, slow hair growth, and hair loss.

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6. Exfoliate Monthly

Your scalp is skin too, just as your face needs to be exfoliated every once in awhile to remove dead skin cells and clean the gunk in your pores, your scalp needs the same care. This is also another way to deep cleanse your scalp from product build up, not to mention loosen up flakes.

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7. Don’t Ignore An Itchy Flaking Scalp

Don’t stop at scratching your head or buying an anti-dandruff shampoo when you have itchy flaking scalp. It hardly ever gets solved with just those, although it may help relieve the itch for a while. Figure out why your scalp is acting up that way so that you can find the most suitable treatment. Possible reasons for this could be fungal infection, stress, poor nutrition or improper cleaning (you’re either doing it too much or not much). The treatment will depend on the cause of your condition. You can solve most of these culprits on your own, but when it comes to fungal infection or other related scalp condition, it would be best to seek treatment from a professional

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